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Rebel Roundup - 6/8/10

Countdown to Kickoff
I think I'm gonna go with jersey numbers. How does that work, the curious and stupid amongst you would inquire? It's simple; each day (for which a suitable photograph can be found), a photo of a Rebel wearing a jersey whose number corresponds with the number of days remaining until kickoff will be atop the Rebel Roundup. For example, when there are 18 days left, there will be a photograph of Archie Manning. Capiche? If you've got any suggestions for past or present Rebels to appear on any given day, please let us know. We're going to have a hard time finding some I would imagine and we're gonna need some reader help to make this as cool as it can be.

Drew Pomeranz Selected Fifth By the Tribe |
DREW POMERANZ! CLEVELAND INDIANS! FUCKIN' GOOGLE IT! A cool video is on the other side of that link.

Saints Sign Terrence Metcalf |
And the tradition of good Rebels making their way down to New Orleans continues. Congratulations, Terrence. Not only to you get to leave the Midwest, but you get to live in N'awlins for a spell.

Rebel Netters Earn Final ITA Rankings |
The men's team finished in the top-25 once again, landing at number 19. Individually, Marcel Thiemann ended at number 19 in singles, Tucker Forster finished at number 82 in singles, and the Thiemann brothers finished at number 24 in doubles. Huzzah, 9-consecutive-time SEC West Champs!