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Rebel Roundup - 6/4/10 - The Baseball Postseason is Upon Us

Red Cup Radio
Guess what, BWE and I hosted an impromptu, last-minute type show yesterday evening. It's not thrilling or anything (save for our suggestion that Mike Bianco and Matt Mossberg are in a homosexual relationship but only in a j/k kinda way no homo y'all), but it's informative, regional-centric, and brief--a perfect way to spend 30 minutes or so at work. Click the widget below to listen. 

Recharged Nutt ready for next challenge | SEC Blog - ESPN
In response to the TSUNami and goofy nicknames in general, Nutt has this to say:

I don’t get into that. I’ll let him handle the geographical things

Well, I guess TSFWCDAO will never catch on then.

Video: Best case/worst case: Ole Miss | SEC Blog - ESPN
Chris Low doesn't see us going not-bowling during the next offseason, with his best-case scenario for Ole Miss being a 9-win campaign and the worst case being a 6-win.

On the radar: Mike Wallace | AFC North Blog - ESPN
This morning is an atypically ESPN-heavy morning, but I couldn't pass this article up for the Roundup. With Santonio Holmes now a New York Jet, Mike Wallace is the clear-cut number two receiver in Pittsburgh. He hasn't taken the role lightly thus far in camp, but it also hasn't been too overwhelming for the natural, sure-handed burner.

Report: Pac-10 To Invite Six Teams From Big 12 To Join Conference |
Yeah. Read it. This is definitely a "I'll believe it when I see it" type of situation, but that would be absolutely insane were it to happen. We'd essentially have a mega-conference with legitimately interested audiences covering roughly half of the country (and the nation's two most populated states). Yes, I do believe that the formation of any such mega-conference, whether it be the Pac-16 or Big-16 or whatever, would be a significant threat to our conference's current dominance which, as I've said before, is why I support conference expansion only if someone else pulls the trigger first.