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Rebel Roundup - 6/30/10

Congrats, South Carolina
Cue a long, audible sigh rife with intonations of self-loathing and frustration.... now.

This Year's Ole Miss Ambush Will Be Against... | Team Speed Kills
Considering the talent level of our club for this upcoming season--good but hardly great--and Houston Nutt's penchant for doing something outrageously wacky in all contexts, performance on the gridiron aside, you've gotta have a feeling that we're going to swing an upset of some kind this year. Will it come against Alabama? Arkansas? LSU? Team Speed Kills takes a look.

A Comparison of SEC Coaches' Salaries for 2010 | Roll Bama Roll
Kleph's smart ass over at RBR does some number crunching and hypothesizing regarding the salaries SEC programs pay their coaches and how that relates to football wins. The comments thread then devolves into some ridiculous argument amongst a bunch of Bama fans. Enjoy!

SEC 2010 // The Rivalries: The Egg Bowl | Team Speed Kills
Here's a fun fact:

[From] 1947 [to 1960], the Rebels went 14-0-3 over the next 17 games. Since the end of that stretch, Ole Miss has lost just 16 games. (Actually 18, but the Western Division Bulldogs were forced to forfeit a pair of wins because of NCAA sanctions.)

So, if I'm reading this correctly, State has only won the Golden Egg trophy 18 times over the past 50 years.

Indians' First Round Pick Gets Physical |
I know what you're thinking--"I wanna get phy-si-cal, phy-si-cal!" No, it's not like that. They have to tug on his bodyparts and poke him with instruments and stuff before he can sign. Once he does, he'll probably have a signing bonus near $2.5 million to mess around with.

Kendrick Lewis Signs with the Chiefs |
Get money, K-Lew. Get. Your. Money.