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Rebel Roundup 6/29/10 - 'Cause Nobody Else Would

Kids all over the world are going gaga over Hotty and Toddy.
Kids all over the world are going gaga over Hotty and Toddy.

I'm doing today's roundup because nobody else would. (Haha.... inside jokes are soooooo funny.)

Rebels Rank at 63 | Orlando Sentinel

I'm so glad that people have so much faith in us. 63? I mean, that's ahead of programs like Tulsa. Ugh. I really hope that they're the stupid ones. It's not much fun to blog for a team that's constantly getting destroyed. But seriously, if we're the #63 team, should we be.... happy? Come on six and six. BTW, Mississippi State is ranked above us. I..... I'll cry.

Late Signees Give Kennedy Hope In Wake Of Defections | The Clarion Ledger

I've heard these guys don't suck. That's nice. Show it to me on the court. This quote stuck out to me though....

"Junior college kids are a little older and wiser," Kennedy said.

Are they now? You mean like Terrence Watson, Wesley Jones, Deaundre Cranston, and Deangelo Riley? Yeah. Those guys always seemed like they knew EXACTLY what was going on whenever they were on the court.

Randolph Helps U.S. Claim Palmer Cup |

Seriously, check out the picture. FRAT. I will say that I wish Randolph's name were significantly whiter sounding. Something like Lord Stanley Adolph Finkleberry would be a much better golf name. Anyway, USA! USA! USA! I think it's fantastic that our country plays against an entire continent for sports dominance. Yeah. We know we're a crap ton better than you Britain. Tell you what, we'll let you have the best golfers in over forty other countries as well. Does that sound fair?

Mascot Voting Begins | The Commercial Appeal

Apparently we're voting on a new mascot. Who knew?