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Rebel Roundup - 6/25/10

White, Varnado Taken In Second Round | The Clarion Ledger

I hate that Terrico ended up in Detroit. There, he'll compete with about seven other combo guards. That's not really going to favor his chances of making the team, considering he's a potential-based prospect. I really wanted him to end up one of two places. 1) Somewhere that he could play a role relatively quickly or 2) Somewhere that will compete for championships. Neither of those happened, and I feel bad for the guy. People will say that he never should have gone to the draft, but I disagree. He just never should have been picked by a team that was already looking to cut some players at his position.

Detroit Fans Weigh In |

These comments are chock full of win. Detroit fans are just as miffed as we are. Why in the world did they pick Terrico? It's like their general manager let an infant point to a picture he liked and picked the guy in the picture. I really appreciated this gem from the original post.

Terrico White, a 6'5 guard from Mississippi, used to play football, we are informed.  I guess that adds toughness. 

Now the negatives.  White is a combo guard on a team featuring two combo guards and at least nine players who can play the two.  

He is a poor shooter (43%), and a poor passer (1.5 apg).  He gets to the line with modest frequency, but doesn't convert (71%), which tempers my enthusiasm. 

Most of our fans haven't even realized this after two years of watching Terrico. This guy figured it out in less than an hour. Amazing.

Sprinter Mike Granger Balls Out |

Granger posted a fantastic time in the 100-meter dash, and he's only a freshman. Our track team has been consistently improving recently, and that's exciting. WE'RE COMING FOR YOU ARKANSAS, AND IT'S ALL HOUSTON NUTT'S FAULT!

Voting to Narrow Mascot List Begins Monday | The Daily Mississippian

Oh no. No no no. I don't want this day to come. I swear.... if we're faced with selections as bad as last time, I'm going to... do absolutely nothing. It's a mascot. I don't care at all.

LASTLY, at least Terrico didn't end up in Cleveland, right? After the jump, cleveland tourism videos.

The other wouldn't embed, but here's a link.

Edited to add: They end the second video with "at least we're not Detroit!" I guess it's tomatoes and tomatoes.... that's a difficult cliche to properly express via text.