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Rebel Bracket: (2) Armintie Price v. (7) Greg Hardy

Would you believe that the first "Google predicted" result when you type in "Armintie" is, in fact, Armintie Price? The origin of her name is equally mysterious as the origin of her pretty fantastic skill at basketball. While leading Myrtle to three state titles, Price's mom, a devout woman, allegedly had Armintie wearing skorts.

She told the future WNBA first-round-draftee that when she got to college "it would be her decision."

Her senior year, she, memorably, led the Lady Rebels to the Elite Eight with her 18.1 points per game. She was a unanimous All-SEC First Teamer. She took an season-opening unranked team to heights beyond expectation.

Greg Hardy, though, never really lived up to the hype. No doubt, he was a top-notch talent, who changed the complexion of the game just by being there. He was the featured Rebel on that famous Sports Illustrated cover. In 2009, some projected that he might find his way into the first round, but he elected to return. After his college career was over, he finished with 26.5 career sacks. He ended up going in the sixth round to the Panthers and has signed a contract.