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Rebel of the Decade: (4) Stephen Head v. (5) Brian Pettway

Pick your poison, baseball fans. The three-time All American who could pitch, too. Or the last Rebel with reasonable claim to being able to really smash. Last year, we asked which Ole Miss baseball team was the best between the 2009 and 2005 teams, but get a load of the lineup from that last game against Texas: Henry, Coghlan, Pettway, Head, Wright, Osteen, Cozart, Gunther, Franklin, Fowler. The fact that Pettway and Head emerged from that line-up as demonstrably bigger Rebel celebrities than others is ... just amazing. Both Head and Pettway were selected as First Team All-Americans that year.

Head won the inaugural Boo Ferris Trophy for the top collegiate baseball player in Mississippi in 2004. Pettway won it in 2005.

Neither of them broke into the Majors. Maybe they never will. Nevertheless, Pettway and Head were part of a team that created created the monstrous expectations we all now have for this program. They turned Super Regionals into our birthright and changed the face of Ole Miss baseball.