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Rebel Roundup - 6/21/10 - First Official Day of Summer...

...and 74 days removed from football season. So that means you know who is our featured countdown jersey:


I hope this selection didn't "Blindside" you! Get it?!



Video: Best defensive front seven | ESPN
Chris Low looks at the best defensive front seven in the SEC, and says it’s not Alabama or Florida--it’s Ole Miss. The combination of experience, size, skill, and depth makes our defensive front one of the best in America, again.

Etheridge confident he'll be able to return to field | Opelika-Auburn News
This one's a surprisingly good read. Zac Etheridge, the Auburn defensive back who badly injured his neck during a tackle against the Rebels this past season, is recovering quite well and seems to be handling all of this with an incredibly positive disposition. That's great news for him, his family, and the Auburn Tigers.

Ole Miss Would Like to Introduce Itself | Team Speed Kills
Team Speed Kills is previewing our Rebels today. Year 2 does a bang-up job and reminds us Rebels to not worry so much about this upcoming season because

...this was just about always going to be a year where Nutt gets a mulligan. Sooner or later, a coach who takes over a program will get hit with a thin year because of the transitional issues. Sometimes it's three years in; sometimes it's four. This is that year for Ole Miss, as inexperience reigns everywhere but the front seven on defense.

He's right. With our young offense, we cannot expect many more than a few conference wins, with even those being close fought contests. But, as he also accurately points out, our defense is going to be too tough for our team to be a non-issue.

Looking Back: Ole Miss Loses the Expectations Game | Team Speed Kills
And then CocknFire delivers his take on the Rebs of last season. I do, however, wonder what exactly he suggests by this:

The team was about middle-of-the-league in both the running and passing department and actually put together a pretty good overall yardage total. Again, nothing great, but this wasn't exactly three yards and a cloud of field turf. Whether that will continue with Snead gone and whether it should continue with Snead gone are legitimate questions.

Jevan Snead was as much a liability as he was an asset. Rebel fans hardly miss him. All we're looking for out of Nathan Stanley, Raymond Cotton, or, hell, even Randall Mackey is consistency and competency. And, no, matching your touchdowns with picks for the season isn't exactly what I mean when I suggest "consistency".

White Preps For NBA Draft |