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Better Know a Regional Opponent: Virginia Commonwealth

This weekend, the Rebels will travel to Charlottesville for a regional. We've discussed this.  However, you may be wondering just "Who is VCU?  What does it stand for?"  Fear not, RCR faithful.  The Cup is here to keep you informed.  All of the serious stuff you need to know about our opponents this weekend (make sure your sarcasm button is turned on.)


I didn't even know there were Rams in Virginia.  Is that ignorant of me?

An uncastrated, male sheep.  That is the way Wikipedia describes the mighty Ram, which is the #4 seed in our regional this weekend.  Do you know what uncastrated means?  Exactly.  They are the "man's man" of the animal kingdom.  In ancient Egypt, rams were not considered to be pure nor clean.  They're nasty animals that play dirty.  That's probably how they won their conference tournament championship.  Not just any conference, dear Rebels.  THE Colonial Athletic Association which has many powers such as Hofstra and Towson.  

Their strenuous conference schedule aided their RPI in climbing all the way up to 141.  Throughout the season, they pillaged the towns and homes of opposing baseball squads.  VCU crushed the hopes and dreams of 31 squads and had mercy on just 24 others.  Hungry for more, their 31 wins proved to not be enough.  They stampeded their conference tournament by winning three games and only losing one.  

The Ram is a strong beast known for using its horns to out-duel opposing males for Alpha status within the herd.  The VCU Rams are quite proficient in bashing as well as they bat .309 as a team with Ram Joe Van Meter leading the way.  The Ram is a quite defensive beast as well, and Seth Cutler-Voltz leads the pack with a 3.20 ERA.   

Other animals also fear the Ram as the Flying Squirrels plan to unite this evening to commemorate their achievements.  Rebels, you too should fear VCU.