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New Twitter Account of the Decade Award: FakeDanMullen

Even though the Twittter account name of "FakeDanMullen" doesn't even give off airs of an attempt towards subtle satire--naturally, the best satire and, arguably, the only satire--the tweets thus far have been fan-damn-tastic. Of course, there are misses, as there will always be when trying to deliver the lulz 140 characters at a time, but the hits are, per this Twitter addict and asshole bloggeur, homeruns.

So do it now. Follow FakeDanMullen. Laugh. Retweet the shit out of it and get folks to follow it--especially State fans.

Some of my favorite FakeDanMullen tweets can be seen after you jump on it (jump on it, jump on it).

  • Twitterverse, where to eat in Destin? Pls, something that reminds me of Starkville #Musthavecombomeals #Oratleastabuffet
  • Independent book stores are for squares. #Walmartsbooksarejustfine #Recruiting
  • Anyone know when Lobsterfest starts back? [ED: Fuckin' Lobsterfest brought the lulz, hard]
  • FACT: MSU has won the Egg Bowl 40 times. Only one other team has more Egg Bowl wins. #Championships #Recruiting
  • Recruits: Starkville has the coolest Burger King you ever saw. It's like an old barn, but with Whoppers! #Oxfordhasaregularbk #Recruiting
  • @RedCupRebellion I am. Been in my seat for 63 hrs waiting on Cohen's boys to show. Oh well. Used the time to hone my '10 gameplan for TSUN. [ED: In response to the Cup feed asking who all was in attendance at the SEC Baseball Tournament]
  • Got robbed again yesterday. Guess I need to go ahead and change my PIN number from 4127.

And, no, I am not behind this. I know the absurdly long hashtags have kindof been a mainstay of the Cup's Twitter feed (and my personal feed as well) and I know my Dan Mullen vitriol/annoyance would lend to me creating such an account, but I really am not the force behind the farce. I kinda wish I were, but I'm not. Sorry.

Whoever it is though, bravo. Keep the laughs coming.