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Weekend Plans - June 18

This guy's weekend plan? Running for his damned life.
This guy's weekend plan? Running for his damned life.

Once again, it's summertime.  Fireworks, cold beer, smoky barbecue, and bikinis define the time.  We're having fun, and we would like you to as well.  While our Autumn weekends will be engulfed in the conflagration of college football fandom, those of our Summer will be fun and varied.  As such, we Cuppers would like to share with you our Summer weekend plans, along with the weekend plans of a few others of note, in order to hopefully give you ideas as to enjoyably bide your time until kickoff.

Busy weekends all around! Theme of the weekend is We Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who. Plans are after the jump. Share yours, won't you?


Juco - He's still in Brazil, the bastard.

TCU - Becoming yet another team to go to Omaha for their first time. (What did you think we were going to let that one slide?)

Jerry Jones - Inviting Arkansas to the Big XII, seeking Kim Jong Il's counsel on matters of cinematography, scheduling a Cowboys/Niners neutral site game on Mars, and other instances of tinfoil haberdashery.

Ghost - Going to see Strasburg pitch tonight, Mississippi on the Mall tomorrow, and lots of Gold Cuppery when and where inbetween.

FakeDanMullen - Fielding offers from MSU Sports Marketing Department.

DeMareo Marr - Shooing methamphetamine chefs off of his porch with a broom. Missing tackles. Half-assing. Leeching a valuable football scholarship from the University of Mississippi.

Ivory - Eschewing Father's Day.  Not because I hate my dad, but because it is a tradition.  Renaming it "Co-equal Domestic Supervisory Partner's Day."

The Mascot Selection Committee - Getting bids for artists' renderings of a squirrel, a dog, and a "Trent Lott's Hair."

ED:  Oh shit!  Ivory's putting his own songs at the bottom!

If I had picked the official song of the week, I'd have sent these two gems out to my old man: