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The Swayze Bracket: (2) Dexter McCluster v. (7) Chip Clinton

Chip Clinton, who passed away last January, was remembered in his obituary as "a lifelong Rebel" and ringleader of the "Swayze Crazies." The family requested that memorials be sent to the Ernie Lebarge Bullpen Club. He was, literally, identified in the obituary as "Chip "Throw it in the dirt' Clinton." Set aside your Ole Miss fandom for just a second and ask, "How many chants of minimal gayness have been developed and popularized across the entire conference this decade?" Clinton started a monster. You can hear it every time Ole Miss plays on television. He saw one of the best decades of Rebel baseball ever, was the consummate fan, and, no doubt, went to his grave with the calm assurance that Mike will get us there one day.

Dexter McCluster is also a cultural icon for the Rebels. From his true freshman season playing for Ed Orgeron out of the original "McClusterf***" formation, where he hid behind the offensive line to receive a direct snap, to his 2009 miracle season that almost single-handedly returned the Rebels to a New Year's Day bowl game. Da lil' Bastid was the inspiration for the resurgence of "Run DMC" shirts around Oxford. And, as I have argued in the past, he is the greatest Rebel to wear the #22.

Here's to a big voice and a little guy with impeccable Rebel credentials.