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Countdown Continues and a Bloggeur (Briefly) Nags

78 Days until football. And Bradley likely missed that block there.
78 Days until football. And Bradley likely missed that block there.

The timeliness of Bradley Sowell's jersey number's coinciding with the number of days remaining until football season could hardly be greater. Bradley Sowell, much the subject of ridicule and ire here at the Cup circa last season's South Carolina game (the result of which saw some of the highest traffic the site has ever gotten), is a good left tackle. He's not an elite SEC lineman, but he's only about to start his second year. Give the guy time and we'll be fine with him.

Yet, that doesn't change the fact that, early in his career. Everybody was mean to him. Everybody. Facebooks, Tweet-machines, the Red Cup Rebellions, and even the NAFOOMS got real vicious towards the guy for being a human turnstile. Interestingly enough though, despite the recent changes in heart we've all undergone regarding Sowell, his very own daddy took the time to send the NAFOOM email account an email threatening a lawsuit were they not to remove a thread entitled "FUCK YOU BRADLEY SOWELL."

Since even we were double-super vicious to the young man, I feel we must reply to his contact to NAFOOM and let him know just how ridiculous he is being with all of this "defending your sons 'honor' against a bunch of strangers on the internet thing. Here goes:


Dear Mr. Sowell,

Haters gon' hate and lovers gon' love. And at the Cup, we're lovers and haters. We love Bradley Sowell the football player, but hated a few of his performances and the dumbass shit he said after the South Carolina game. That's it. We want nothing but good things for Bradley, just as you do.

And, honestly, we expect great things out of him. He improved perhaps better than any offensive player on the team over the last year. He'll be a stalwart on the line along with the Pussy Monsta himself and, hopefully, can keep our quarterbacks as safe as possible in the pocket.

But, dude, you've gotta fuckin' realize that your son plays for an SEC football team. And not only that, but he plays for an SEC football team whose most diehard fans are angry, bitter, chipped-shouldered, and intolerant of any-and-everything they perceive to be holding them back from realizing their somewhat-misguided ambitions of conference, if not global domination. Your son was that last year.

And regardless of who or what he plays for, isn't Bradley like 21 now? And how big is he again? Yeah, six-foot-eight and something like 300 pounds? You don't need to stick up for him anymore, especially over the internets.

Sincerely and take care,