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The Vaught Bracket: (2) Justin Reed v. (7) Terrence Metcalf

When we passed around names for inclusion in this little poll, it was Whiskey Wednesday who reminded us all about Terrance Metcalfe. Earlier in the year, when we were doing a list about top football Rebels in the decade, it was Whiskey who said, "Metcalf dominated late in his career more than [Michael] Oher did. He wasn't as talented, but he was nasty as FUCK, and he kept Eli off the ground."

How can you argue with ALL CAPS OBSCENITIES?

Justin Reed, meanwhile, deserves some demerits because, despite his outstanding talents during some of the darkest years of Ole Miss basketball under Rod Barnes (not, in fact, in the running for RCRotD), Reed indirectly contributed to the awful basketball we were playing during those years. How? You may remember that, in order to get Reed to sign with Ole Miss, Barnes had to take the dangerously risky step of hiring his high school coach. Sometimes that sort of works out and you get an eccentric genius like Gus Malzahn. Other times, that gets you one good player surrounded by a bunch Easter Island statues recruited by the former driver's ed teacher at Provine. That being said, Reed scored like Abe Lincoln and gave us four years of something to talk about while Rod Barnes was practicing his "black Mr. Magoo" act before being the last Rebel to get drafted.

So, reach back into your files, Rebels, to a time when Rod Barnes and David Cutcliffe graced dormitory posters that urged you not to shit in the urinal and try to remember whether you want to move on the former All-American tackle from Clarksdale or the high-flying, never-winning