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Rebel Roundup - 6/1/10 - Vacation's Over

My Vacation Was Better Than Yours
But I'm back to do whatever it is I do during most workdays--dump links on you, talk shit, etc. This week will be pretty baseball heavy with the Charlottesville Regional coming up so look forward to it.

Ole Miss Ponders Payback with Virginia Journey | Clarion Ledger
I'm debating whether or not I should go to this. I have some DC socialite stuff to do but, as good Rebels abound, I have been offered rides to and from Charlottesville for the Regional. Either way, the regional should be fun and, hopefully, won't be the embarrassing spectacle of Rebel ineptitude many of us are expecting. Also, if we're getting "payback" on anybody, it's our own damn selves for allowing the spectre of "fundamental baseball" to hinder our deserved Omaha appearance last year.

Rebels Open against St. Johns | Sun Herald
We'll have a preview of the St. Johns, ummm, Saints (?) later this week. I'm serious. BWE is behind this. /lackofresearch'd

Pomeranz Posed for MLB's Call | Commercial Appeal
Projected as a top-five pick in the upcoming MLB draft, Drew Pomeranz will undoubtedly be one of the most celebrated Rebels to ever grace the diamond of Swayze Field. The Commercial Appeal takes a look at his pro prospects and even has a few neat Pom-related quotes from opposing coaches in the conference.

Ranking the OOC SOS | Track 'Em Tigers
Guess who has the weakest schedule this season! You got it! Seasons like this will really have us looking forward to playing Boise, Texas, Clemson (is that going to actually happen?), and other teams whose names do not end in "-acksonville State."