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Rebel Roundup - 5/7/10 - Baseball Chatter

No. 14 Hogs Visit No. 11 Ole Miss | KATV
Being an Arkansas news source, I would venture the article to read thusly:

HA! Old Piss Webel gays and their pink pants and polos and racism and poors and elitism are gonna crumble to the almighty Arkansas Razorbacks--WOOPIG SOOIE--this weekend. They will then be forced to bow before the feet of Dave Van Horn and pay tribute to Jesus' favorite baseball team WOO FUCKING PIG!

Or, actually, it could be boring, objective journalism. Whatever.

SEC baseball Pythagorean win-loss, Week 7 | The War Eagle Reader
The source of much contention in a comments thread from yesterday, Jerry looks at each team's expected record, based on the Pythagorean win/loss sytem, and compares it to the actual record. What can we learn? Well, you can interpret it as "Ole Miss is lucky" or "Ole Miss wins close games, and loses not-so-close games." Stats are fun, right gang?

The Five Most Important Remaining SEC Series | Team Speed Kills
Cock 'n' Fire has our series against Arkansas and Auburn as two of the five most important series remaining in the SEC this season. Considering the teams involved and their jockeying for position atop the SEC West, I'd agree. There, ya happy, No Quarter? 

Holloway can’t transfer to South Carolina or Clemson | Ole Miss sports
NEGATIVE SLANT BRANDT! I don't know the details here, but c'mon Coach Kennedy, let the guy transfer to Clemson. I can understand keeping him out of the SEC, but the guy left on good terms. He just wants to be with his family in South Carolina and would, preferably, play for a team in a conference people are actually aware of.