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Rebel Roundup - 5/6/10 - Terrico's Gone :(

Terrico White Staying with NBA Draft |
Well, that sucks. Best of luck Terrico. More on this later.

Van Horn on Hogs vs Ole Miss: "What More Could You Ask For?" |
There's a lot I could ask for, Dave. Free beer. Pizza. A rollercoaster. A third-straight SEC sweep. Et cetera. Read Sutpens' fanpost below and be on the lookout for Brian Walker's Elbow's analysis and predictions sometime this afternoon (or maybe tomorrow, whatever).

Flipumentary: NCAA Selection Show |
You know what, this is actually kinda cool. Look through the fanshots and you'll find another Flipumentary involving Rebel senior catcher and FotC Scott Haltom while tripping with the baseball team to South Carolina. This one, though, is for you fans of Rebel Tennis. Tucker Vorster, the South African phenom, was asked to do whatever the hell it is you do with flip cameras during the NCAA Tennis Selection Show. They should keep doing these and keep the variety amongst which sports they feature so that we Rebels stuck at desks across America can avoid work while living vicariously through 18-22 year old athletes.