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Rebel Roundup - Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo
Ah yes, another holiday to celebrate the importance of a foreign nation's impact on our culture by allowing white people to embody what they see as stereotypes of said nation (namely, drunkenness--as if that's culturally specific) and generally act foolish, all the while actual denizens of said nation shake their heads in some form of displaced embarrassment. Convoluted and confusing? Well, so is America. And cynicism aside, I will be wearing a sombrero tonight.

P Willie Receives $50M Extension | Clarion-Ledger
Y'all already know this, but here's a mainstream take on everybody's favorite Rebel linebacker's recent contract extension.

Ole Miss Spring Wrap | ESPN
The title sounds like some kind of low carb, vegetarian alternative to a sandwich they'd serve in the student union. Anyway, it doesn't say much which most of us don't already know--namely, our defense will be pretty salty while our offense will likely have trouble scoring "points," an apparently necessary component to a football victory--but the piece does have some great praise for Enrique Davis and Nathan Stanley.

Ole Miss Tennis Back in NCAA Tournament | Brandt
The men's and women's squads have made it to postseason play once again. The XY Rebel Netters will be travelling to College Station, Texas in the Texas A&M Regional while the XX Netters will travel to Atlanta Georgia at the Georgia Tech regional. Men's bracket hee-yuh (PDF, HT: 25 Days a Week).

Game Times Changed For Ole Miss vs. Arkansas | Baxter Bulletin
Here's what you need to know: Friday and Saturday, 7PM Central, ESPN U. You're welcome.