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I was on GChat earlier today (Google products, enabling bloggers to waste time and write silly bullshit since 2003-ish) holding court with One Man To Beat. I noticed a baseball weekend recap had yet to be written by him so I made mention of it. Here:

Ghost: Where is that "Going, Going, GONE" segment, huh?
One Man: Man, all I would do is gloat about how I predicted a sweep and all you bitchass muhfukkas didn't.
Ghost: Well, then do that.
One Man: I'll consider it.

Consideration not needed, One Man, exept for your accurate consideration of every one of us to be "bitchass motherfuckers" who need to be reminded of your excellent sweep predicting abilities.

And, really, aside from that, what else needs to be said about this weekend? Pom was as excellent as usual, State was as poor as usual, and we convincingly swept a, frankly, pretty listless set of games.