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Rebel Roundup - 5/3/10

Suddenly Slugging Rebels Emerge | Brandt
Y'all saw it. There are nearly 1,400 comments to prove that y'all saw it. But, just for emphasis, our Rebels are on a roll right now, having won 10 in a row and swept our two biggest rivals. Up this weekend, the Arkansas Razorbacks, a team which the Rebels currently share the lead in the SEC West with. Let's fix that, shall we? Plenty more baseball coverage to come this week.

Murphy Holloway to Clemson? | Shakin The Southland
Sadly, Murphy Holloway has decided to transfer away from Ole Miss. The 6'7" forward seemed, at times, to be the only player on the court who gave a damn whether or not the Rebels won or lost. We're going to miss him and all signs point to Clemson welcoming the South Carolina native back to the Palmetto State. Rumors have it that Big Murph wants back in SC to spend time with his daughter which, honestly, is 100% forgivable. We understand, Murph. Take care of your family 'n' and them.

Oh, and then there's this:

Terrico White looks to be leaving for reals.
Damn it to Hell. Seriously.

Houston Nutt's SEC Conference Call Comments | Team Speed Kills
Last week, the SEC coaches had a league-wide conference call to discuss the upcoming seasons and answer questions from the media. Team Speed Kills was all over that and has Houston Nutt's comments in digestible, nugget form.

New Chiefs McCluster, Arenas Competing At Returner | Arrowhead Pride
HT: Kleph. When I saw their draft, I figured this would be the case. Two dynamic guys who are absolutely dangerous with the football in their hands are now in KC working to earn their spot. I imagine we'll see the two of them lined up on kickoff coverage while Arenas should have primary punt return duties.

First Draft: Dexter McCluster | 
Aaaand here's a neat video of Dex put together by if you're interested and want to burn a few minutes