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Rebel Roundup 05/28/10

A little pick-me-up for your morning

Rebels Fall to Bama 6-3 in Game Two of SEC Tournament | David Brandt

I watched it. It sucked. And for everyone who thinks we need to hire a new hitting coach, there comes a time when you have to think it's not on the hitting coaches. Maybe the caliber of hitters that we've recruited the past few years has finally caught up to us. We currently have two rebels batting over .300 in conference play. Two. Actually, that's not true. Tanner Mathis is batting .303 in conference, but he doesn't play.

Rebels in the Pros: Basketball Edition |

This is excellent. I've been looking all over for information about some of our guys who are playing in lesser-known areas. One question that remains unanswered: Where is Clarence Sanders? Does anyone know? Anyone? I was also pretty shocked to see how many of our players lead their team in scoring. Are the teams in Europe just deplorable? I mean, we have a horrible basketball program... how does this happen?

NCAA Closes Correspondence Course Door | The Sporting News Blog


Yes! We just made it. Jerrell Powe and Michael Oher, two of the greatest Rebels of all time, benefited from O's crafty academic loopholes. It's fine that other schools won't be able to follow suit now. In other news, how terrible does BYU look with this ruling? The answer:pretty awful. The NCAA has basically said, "BYU offers classes online that are less reputable than Wayne County High School's Spanish classes."

The Rebs take on Auburn at 3 P.M. Central Today | Me

We have a chance to finish 1-3 against Auburn instead of 0-4. Come on Rebs! Woo!