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Rebel Roundup - 5/27/10


Steadman Short, the Juco forward that Kennedy is bringing in to fill (I'm guessing) DeAngelo Riley's "void", is apparently excellent at the under-the-rim putback against marginal junior college tallent. Yay?


So I meant to...
...dump some links on you yesterday, but didn't. I won't tomorrow either but, maybe Juco or Ivory will. Work + pending vacation = less Cup action. I would apologize, but I'm going to be en route to the Outer Banks in twelve hours so I really don't feel like it.

Mackey's next stop: Ole Miss | Bastrop Daily Enterprise
Randall Mackey did graduate from EMCC. Really. He did. They've got evidence on the other side of that link. So, unless there's something I'm overlooking, the guy will most definitely be in Oxford come the fall semester.

Ole Miss LH Pomeranz nabs SEC pitcher of the year | Brandt
Ole Miss pitcher Drew Pomeranz earned his second award in less than 24 hours on Tuesday morning when he was named the Southeastern Conference pitcher of the year by the league's coaches.

Dependable Pomeranz does his thing | The Clarion-Ledger
No, no, not that thing, the other thing. Yeah. That. Major props (Cocktails? Rec'ds?) to both Pomeranz and Huber yesterday for holding the Gamecocks scoreless and allowing the Rebels to advance to play Alabama in their second game of the SEC Baseball Tournament. BWE has already discussed this, so y'all already know this, but we've really gotta get our bats going if we want to continue advancing through the SEC Tourney.

BYU's online coursework, the very online coursework used by Michael Oher, Jerrell Powe, and very likely half of Coach O's would-be-badasses-who-were-too-dumb-to-fart (BUT LOOK AT HIS STARS!), has been declared an ineligible academic credit by the NCAA. Oh well, thanks for the loophole while it lasted, Mormons.