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ROTD: The Swayze Bracket

Though Ole Miss Rebels remember him mostly for his success on the baseball diamond, Thomas King Swayze has two other important distinction when it comes to being a Rebel.  He is the first alum of the university to attain real greatness as a coach.  Also, Swayze is widely considered the first recruiting coordinator in college football, which, unfortunately, sort of means that he paved the way for Ed Orgeron.  In this capacity, however, he recruited Kayo Dottley, Jake Gibbs, Archie Manning, and a host of other football greats that turned Ole Miss into a gridiron powerhouse.

The Swayze Bracket is after the jump.


Planted right there in the Swayze Bracket is a discussion about Rebel greatness between Dexter and Deuce that may not be settled for years.  Also, true to its namesake, are two Rebels whose contributions in this decade were off the field and behind the scenes - Robert Khayat, whose leadership over the university extended to athletics, and Chip "Throw it in the dirt" Clinton, who did what the athletics department has been trying to do for years - start a beloved tradition that is not an institutional embarrassment.