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Rebel Roundup - 5/25/10 - Afternoon Edition With NUMBERS!

Pom, image via <a href=""></a>
Pom, image via

Pom Wins Ferris Trophy | BRANDT!
I lol'ed at Brandt's actual headline for this story. It's like he's looking for comment flamers (NOT LIKE THAT BIMBAM RELAX NOBODY IS BEING MEAN) now. Anti-Brandt joking aside, congratulations Drew (fuckin') Pomeranz (GOOGLE IT) for your winning of the Ferris Prize. 

2010 SEC Baseball Tournament |
Boom. Click it. Schedules 'n' such. quick, in the comments post your over/under on number of games the Rebels play at 3.
Check this website out. It is a look at the numbers of recruits inked by BCS football programs and how many of those were over the "limit" of 25. Honestly, I don't really know what to make of it.

Aside from reeking with anti-Bama sentiments to the point that it comes off as phony (Let me explain with a long parenthetical interruption: if you're going to make a fun little stats page or whatever, that's fine. But if you, in said stats page's blog, constantly make jabs at someone or something to the point to where you challenge your readers to refute said jabs, even if said jabs are statistically accurate and somewhat relevant, it comes accross as you having had made a page as a vessel to chastize even despite your gussying it up as some sort of legitimate, mathematical, and socially scientific pursuit. Capiche?), the page has some excellent tables and looks at the all-too-familiar practice of oversigning during recruiting season. What can we learn? Well, over the eight years this site covers, Auburn has been the worst oversigning offender not only in the SEC, but nationally. Mississippi State is second in both. Ole Miss is fifth in the conference and seventh nationally.

As you can tell, oversigning is a common occurence in the SEC.

There are some interesting patterns of note. For example, perrenial strugglers (i.e., Kentucky, Mississippi State--yeah, I fuckin' said it, get over yourselves--Iowa State) seem to have oversigning issues, while big and perceivedly evil programs do not (Texas, USC, Ohio State--Alabama is THE major exception to this). Furthermore, schools with academic reputations to preserve (Stanford, Northwestern, Vanderbilt) aren't offenders. There are likely many reasons for this, most of which are intuitive, so the results of this guy's research could hardly be called "surprising". That, however, doesn't make it an interesting subject to read about and discuss.

Florida Wins SEC All-Sports Trophy | GoVolsXtra
Take every SEC sport. Award a score of 12 to the SEC champion in said sport. Award a 1 to the worst team in the conference. Fill in the blanks in-between. Now, total those and then divide by the number of varsity sports the schools engage in (not everybody as a rifle team nor a diving team nor a gymnastics team). What you get are the rankings presented beyond that link. Ole Miss finished sixth overall in conference but, interestingly enough, second in men's sports, only behind Florida. If you interpret the numbers the way I am, you can also determine the average finishing place of our Rebels. In all sports, Ole Miss averaged a finish of sixth, while in men's sports Ole Miss averaged a finish of fifth.

Oh, State is last with an average finish across all sports of tenth. Way to get stick it to 'em, you assholes. (I AM SURE DUKER OR 25DAYSAWEEK WILL REFUTE MY MATH HERE BUT IT'LL BE FUN WHILE IT LASTS).