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ROTD: The Vaught Bracket

Yesterday, we announced that we'd be spending time this summer bestowing up some Ole Miss Great the title of Rebel of the Decade.  Even when the balloting is over, though, our subjective nominee will not be able to claim deca-dominance over the "Two Thousands" the way Johnny Vaught defines, for Ole Miss, the fifties (that sentence could have also read: "When it comes to the Aughts, there just ain't no Vaught.").

So, it only makes sense that when we are talking about being a truly defining figure of a decade, we name at least one of the brackets after, maybe, the greatest Reb of them all.  The Vaught Bracket is after the jump.


The Vaught Bracket, true to its name, features the only man, Mike Bianco, that can truly claim a record of greatness that covers this entire decade.  Also listed are the last Rebel taken in the NBA draft and two national individual award winners in football.  And in the eighth-seeded spot is a man who has contributed greatly to the "culture of Ole Miss," but shares only the lack of an actual degree with his athletic compatriots.