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RCR Research Science Division Presents: Rebels of the Decade

For most people summer is a highly desirable season, long-awaited and filled with excitement, adventure, travel, and refreshment.  In our leisurely everyday capacities as federal employees, educators, and yet-to-be-employed law graduates, summer presents exactly these opportunities for enrichment.  However, in our capacity as college athletic bloggeurs, summer is a scary, barren landscape between two oases named "gut-wrenching defeat in Super Regional" and "pre-Fall gridiron optimism." (< DOUBLE ENTENDRE ALERT!)

So, we have fallen back on an old technique that keeps on giving and giving interest to weary sports fans whose only other options are regular season baseball and the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs (schedule to conclude sometime in 2011).  What's that faithful source of debate and discussion?  Polls.  And since we just put the cap on another fun decade (isn't creeping toward death fun?), now is a perfect to time pass the time more quickly by using polls and a bracket to determine which Ole Miss personality from 2000 to 2009 is the Red Cup Rebel of the Decade.

Through arduous minutes of deliberation completed by suggestions and revision made in the course of sending, literally, tens of emails between the brain trust here at The Cup, we've come up with four eight-team brackets.  Every day (ish) we'll post a single-elimination poll that will get us through the bracket.  At the end, the winners out of each bracket will match up in a winner-take-all match for the coveted title, sort of like Royal Rumble, but more like playing WWF Royal Rumble on my gameboy, since this is all make believe.

The criteria are mostly subjective, however we kept two slightly inter-related thoughts in mind when composing the list of thirty-two and seeding them.

  1. How much did this personality contribute to athletic success?
  2. How much did this personality contribute to the "culture of Ole Miss?"

"Athletic success" and "the culture of Ole Miss" mean different things to different people, so use your judgment and help us bestow upon one Rebel great this meaningless "honor."  All this week we'll be revealing the brackets, and beginning next week we'll start voting our way through them.  Perhaps, no place is more appropriate to start than The Grove.


Hotty Toddy!

Our first bracket is heavy on the gridiron, but the presence of an SEC title winner on the baseball diamond and the force behind the Rebels' run to the Sweet Sixteen also bring back some pretty sweet memories.  Voting begins Tuesday, June 1.