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Home and Home: Juco's Choices

In 2010, the Ole Miss Rebels travel to the Big Easy to take on the Green Wave of Tulane. In 2012, the Rebs will make their way to the Valley to play Fresno State. Tentatively, games are scheduled at Clemson, Texas, and Georgia Tech. Our future out of conference trips are, needless to say, potentially far greater under Nutt than they've been in decades. This doesn't mean we're entirely satisfied with this though. Oh sure, we're thrilled for an opportunity to travel to Austin or California for some ball, but where would your faithful correspondents at RCR really like to see the Rebels play? In the earliest installment of "oh wow we really miss football" coverage, we bring to you future home-and-home dates we would love to see. Juco All-American's selections follow.

The first team I'd like to see the Rebels play against is the University of Virginia. Founded by Thomas Jefferson, UVA has a similar atmosphere to our own. They're a liberal arts school initially intended for the state's political leaders and upper class. The "fratmosphere" there is also mighty, boasting several groups of guys who think know they're better than most other guys on campus. In fact, Jefferson foresaw a vast fratmosphere even when he first proposed the school writing, "we wish to establish in the upper country of Virginia, and more centrally for the State, a University on a plan so broad and liberal and modern, as to be worth patronizing with the public support, and be a temptation to the youth of other States to come and drink of the cup of knowledge and fraternize with us." UVA is a school with similar stature in the ACC to our own in the SEC, falling in the top of the bottom third when all sports are considered [ED: I'd say we're more middle-of-the pack but whatever]. There is also, of course the traditional rivalry with an in-state school that specializes in engineering and the like, however UVA and VA Tech's rivalry has gone a little bit differently than ours against MSU in past years. [ED: Also, considering the respective geographies of Blacksburg and Charlottesville, VA Tech fans could conceivably also call UVA "TSUN". That is, if they were into being a bunch of insufferable dipshits. /Ghost'd] So yes. The school, and fanbase, are similar to ours.

And then there's Charlottesville. A city of just over 45,000 (and 190k metro) with a vibrant downtown area is just what I'm looking for in my first home and home desire. The area is easily traversed on foot, and there's a lot to do there. Men's Home Journal ranked Charlottesville Virginia as the healthiest place to live in 2010 because of the opportunities to hike, bike, etc. Having received numerous awards for its approach to small businesses from 2005 to 2008, many stores have popped up throughout the town. Yes, Charlottesville is a place I'd like to visit, and UVA is a school I'd like to play against. Couple those things together, and it's a perfect first choice in my opinion.

The other place I'd like to visit is...


 Yeah. I'm ready to party in the city where the heat is on.

Miami is, of course, in no way like Charlottesville. There are issues with crime, drugs, pollution, drugs, racial tension, drugs, strange facial hair, drugs, cutoff jean shorts, incredible guido douche-robots wearing Armani Exchange while waiting in a two-hour line just to get into "South Beach's hottest new club" only to stand around drinking a $23 Red Bull/Vodka, and many others. Miami, though, is a partaaaay. There's something about going to a beach city and drinking fruity drinks you would never drink at home ("This is called 'Tropical Passion") while wearing absurd articles of clothing (neon green hats FTW!) that just makes you feel like you're on vacation. While it would be a long drive, it would be worth it because we would be playing....

 DA U! "We got to eat, we got to eat. If that mean we got to do something illegal, so be it." Fantastic.

I don't really need to talk about the program as I'm sure many of you have seen ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary that talks all about the reasons that Miami had a "swagger" for so long. People said they were criminals at the time, but I don't think anyone realized just how real that statement was.

5 AP National Championships. Two heisman trophies. Ray Lewis. Warren Sapp. Ed Reed. Andre Johnson. The list goes on and on. Miami is a powerhouse. They may not be elite right now, but it's only a matter of time before they're back. It would be incredible to play a team with such a dynamic and checkered history. Ole Miss vs. Maimi: how ballin' would that be?

And, if you think a bunch of Mississippians on South Beach is a funny concept, wait until their return trip. It would be even funnier to see how their fans coped with a city like Oxford. What on earth would they do? Unpop their collars? Drink whiskey?!  Listen to COUNTRY MUSIC?! I guess Funky's on the square would be PACKED. WOOHOO DAIQUIRIS!