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Late Afternoon Rebel Roundup - 5/20/10 - We're Busy, Alright

Setting Up the Series vs. Auburn | Brandt 
Don't read this. Read what BWE's Q&A. Ok, fine, read this too. Whatever. It's not like you've got shit to do anyway. Also, Brandt, cute pic of the yams. I mean, it's no Nuttcopter, but sure it's clever.

Ole Miss Falls in NCAA's | Clarion-Ledger
The ladies tennis team's trip to the Sweet-16 was short lived as the #3 nationally and SEC Champion Florida Gators defeated the lady Rebels 4-1. Their season, which saw them put togther an impressive 17-6 record, is over, kinda:

The season isn’t over for Ole Miss’ Boxx and Karen Nijssen. Boxx will participate in the singles championships that begin next week. Additionally, Boxx and Nijssen will play together in the doubles championships.

Best of luck from the Cup to Boxx and Nijssen.

SC's Holloway Happy to be home | The Herald
Good... Oh, and I like how he's already South Carolina's Holloway despite not having, you know, taken a class or put on a jersey or anything. Whatever though, best of luck Murph.

Sevel Rebels Earn Preseason Accolads from Phil Steele | Ole Miss Sports dot Com
Jerrell Powe (Preseason 3rd team All-American, 1st team all-SEC), Kentrell Lockett (2nd team all-SEC), Jonathan Cornell (ditto), Johnny Brown (3rd all-SEC), Allen Walker (4th team), Bradley Sowell (I'm serious, he really did get 4th team), and Jesse Grandy (4th as well as KR) all earned preseason praise from Phil Steele. Yippee!