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Rebel Roundup - 5/19/10

Report: Ole Miss. basketball player Holloway to transfer to USC | The Herald
So, after all of the ado surrounding his transfer and the resulting scholarship release denials (because we're all racists, right?), Murph will be heading to Columbia to sit out and pay his way for one year. Best of luck to you, Murph, except when you play the Rebels.

Patterson close to rejoining football team. As for Barksdale? | Brandt
Patterson is a guy who, if he straightens up and plays hard, will be a huge boost to our team. Tig Barksdale is, believe it or not, even more than that as Tig is a legitimate threat to score on the offense and a playmaker on defense. Patterson should be on the team in the "next couple weeks," sayeth Count Giggity while Barksdale has an indeterminable "long way to go" before his reinstatement.

Mitch Hall becomes first Rebel Commit of the 2011 Class | Rivals
And so the crootin' begins. Hall, the 6'6", 330lb younger brother of current Rebel offensive tackle Matt Hall should be one of the top offensive line prospects in Arkansas this upcoming fall.

Abram's autopsy released |
On a final, somber note, Bennie Abram's autopsy results were released. His collapse during spring drills which led to his untimely and shocking death was the result of complications brought abouty by sickle-cell anemia. This is one of those things that just sorta happens, making the loss all the more tragic..