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Rebel Roundup - 5/18/10

Leigh Anne Tuohy Meets Sandra Bullock's Baby |

Pomeranz joins Powers and McInnis on Ferris Trophy List | Brandt
The Ferris Trophy, as you likely know, is awarded to the best collegiate baseball player currently playing for a school in Mississippi. Pomeranz should win this, and it shouldn't even be close.

Holloway, Ole Miss at Odds Over Transfer |
I know you're all likely tired of hearing about this, but Eammon Brennon, a former-SBNation-writer-turned-bigtime, makes a fantastic observation:

The case itself is interesting for Holloway's sake, but the real point of interest here is that it serves as yet another reminder -- not that we needed one -- that college basketball players have very little in the way of personal freedom when it comes to determining their own careers. We tend to scoff at guys who extend their recruiting periods, who waver on their decisions, and who milk every last bit of attention from the coaches vying for the players' services. But the recruitment process is the last time a college basketball player has anything resembling efficacy in his college career. Might as well soak it up while it lasts.

Redskins add Shay Hodge | Football News Now
It really seems like his speed has hurt his status with potential NFL suitors. Shay was recently released by the San Francisco 49ers, a team on the up-and-up, only to be picked up by the Washington Redskins. Frownie face.

So Long to a True Rebel |
Yeah, a true "Rebel" alright. Resisting the changes in media brought about by the INTERNET surely is rebellious. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu!