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Rebel Roundup 5/17

Rebels in the Pros |'s Ben Garrett

Garrett looks at how former rebel baseball players are doing in the pro game. It's good to see so many players moving up in to AAA ball. Also, Chris Coghlan is trying really hard to overcome the horrific start to his season. At one point, his average was .180. Now it's .214. Keep it up big guy.

Tide Hurler Silences Rebs | David Brandt

When will David Brandt ever learn? When we lose, he should blame the umps and the weather. Also, we don't lose. We just "unwin." Check out the poll at the bottom of the post.

Lady Rebs of Tennis Make Sweet 16 |
Men's Team loses to Texas A&M |

I didn't realize that we hadn't made the sweet 16 in women's tennis since 1999. That's a great accomplishment. The men's team fell, but I sort of expected that. It was a down year, but we don't lose anyone, and with the additions of Kalle Norberg (back from injury) and the new signee, we're essentially adding a 1 and 2 to a team that's already pretty stout. Yeah. Two all-sec performers will be on courts three and four for us. It's a good situation.