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Rebel Roundup - 5/14/10

Boise State schedules game at Ole Miss for 2011 season opener | One Bronco Nation Under God
The folks at SBN's Boise State blog are pretty excited about this and the discussion over yonder has been great. Click the link, hop in, talk a little shit, etc. It's been fun so far to see their enthusiasm.

Sprints Applauds Boise State-Ole Miss But Not John Calipari | Team Speed Kills
And the rest of the SEC seems pretty cool with this too. Honestly, this has to be the most exciting non-conference opponent we have scheduled in a very long time.

Good move for Ole Miss | SEC Blog - ESPN
ESPN digs it too, likely because they'll have it as one of those underwhelming albeit KICKASS season openers they like to schedule. They're KICKASS because, honestly, they're a tall, cool, refreshing glass of your favorite beer after a long, tortuous walk through the desert of the college football offseason. "NS STATE VS. SOUTH CAROLINA IS ON! FUCK YEAH!"

Rebs still chasing division, overall titles | Brandt
Brandt makes a good point: this team could just roll over if it wanted--a spot in Hoover and the postseason is all but guaranteed right now. But, if they wanna play like they deserve a damn hosting of a regional, Bianco and his boys are going to have to beat ass these next two weekends.

Holloway's Appeal Denied By Ole Miss | WLTX
Wow, we're being really shitty about this.