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Rebel Roundup - 5/13/10

Red Cup Radio
It happened last night. Nothing of import was discussed but we drank whiskey and had fun doing it. Widget below for bored-at-work listenin'.

Ole Miss Holds off Arkansas State |
Mike Bianco earned his 400th career coaching victory last night against the Red Wolves (an animal whose existence is speculative at best, per these here bloggeurs) via a 5-2 cakewalk in Jonesboro. A record-high 982 fans were on hand last night which, honestly, is a bit interesting. Arkansas State baseball's record crowd came on a Wednesday night? Is it simply because they were playing an SEC team that drew the fans to the stands?

Southern Illinois to Face Ole Miss in 2011 | TS(U)N - The Sporting News
The Salukis of Southern Illinois will travel to Oxford in 2011, really toughening our home schedule... Right? No? Ok, you want a schedule boost?

Boise State to Oxford in 2011 | SSMUND FanPost
Hence today's photograph. Such a game is in the works, apparently. Click the fanpost and discuss.