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Rebel Roundup - 5/12/10

Holloway Could End Up at Winthrop | The Columbia State
Due to our denial of Murph's potential transfers to South Carolina or Clemson and his expressed desire to be closer to his family in South Carolina, the former Rebel forward will likely end up and one of the Palmetto State's smaller schools, i.e. Coastal Carolina, Wofford, or Winthrop. This article suggests Winthrop leads the pack which, honestly, makes me feel bad for the guy. I was kinda looking forward to him at Clemson. I really don't have anything against his transfer and I want what's best for him, as corny as that sounds.

Ole Miss Guard Interested in USF | Voodoo Five
Oh yeah, that guy. With Murph and 'Rico out the door, a lot of us forgot that Eniel Polynice was "entereing the NBA Draft" after his "graduation". Looks like he could end up at The University of South Florida. If the Bulls (no no no, not those Bulls) want a slaher with great defensive prowess who lets his bad attitude and decision making get in the way of his talent, then they've got a real treat in Eniel.

Early Look at SEC Bowl Projections | ESPN
ESPN bloggeur Chris Low actually likes the Rebels chances to go bowling for the third straight year.

The Rebels lost most of their firepower on offense and three starters in the secondary. But go look at their schedule. They could easily be 5-0 to start the season.

Well, I do think we've certainly got the defensive side of the ball covered. I am still not sure, though, how exactly we plan on scoring points this season. Oh, and he has the Bulldogs of the shittiest town in the SEC "on the bubble." Somewhere, a State fan is (Ole) pissed.

Pom to start Friday | Brandt
Positive slant Brandt? Pom pitched hard in the bullpen recently and hit mostly the high-80's with little or no pain. Thank goodness.