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Rebel Roundup - 5/10/10 - Ignore the code SNAFU

Yes, I know the Page is Screwey
I've worked on it but to no avail. It's some kind of code issue and I'm blaming Ivory Tower. Damn you, IT. I will either figure it out today or it will resolve itself.

Bolsinger Blanks Ole Miss | The Times Record
A good, lively, somewhat caustic discussion is going on in BWE's Going, Going, GONE segment so, for any and all Cup-related opinions of the (kinda miserable but not really disastrous) weekend, scroll on down.

Ole Miss Baseball Struggling with Injuries | NeGaTiVe SlAnT mOnStEr!
Typical Clarion-Liar! Overdone jokes aside, with some of our most crucial players toughing out nagging yet non-debilitating injuries, will we Rebels be able to perform well down the stretch? David Brandt takes a look.

A Look at the Basketball Team | MORE DAVID BRANDT!
Bball1984 wrote an excellent fanpostin conjunction with this look at our basketball prospects for next season. Interesting notes include: We should see lots of new contributors next season, Murph being denied a transfer to Clemson is purely speculative, and Terrico has recently been projected as a first round pick by the New Jersey Nets... Have fun with that, Terrico.

Athletics Well Represented at Graduation Day |
Congratulations on watching the best years of your life fade into the sunset. Hello responsibility, sleep-deprivation, working a thankless job for a moron, etc. /DebbieDowner'd.

But in all seriousness, congratulations to all of the new Ole Miss alumni.