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Mid-Day Rebel Roundup - 4/9/10

"A Bowling Ball full of Butcher Knives"
That is what Rebel fullback EJ Epperson has apparently called himself, according to Brandt's Twitter. EJ, I don't want to argue semantics or anything, but how is a bowling ball filled with knives at all that effective? First, the knives likely mal-affect the trajectory of the ball, causing it to weeble-wobble and veer off course. And, secondly, if the knives are inside the ball what good do they serve? I guess you could have an easily shattering ball which, upon impact, explodes into a cloud of dust and releases the knives haphazardly, injuring bystanders and generally confusing the shit out of people. But, even for a fullback, that's an odd metaphor to use. Just sayin'. (HT: Thile)

Midseason Player Of The Year: Drew Pomeranz | Baseball America
The guy has been damn near flawless on the mound. It's really no wonder why Baseball America thinks he's the best overall player in the country, let alone the best pitcher in the country. Congrats Drew. Now get us to Omaha plz kthx. (HT: BWE and hottytoddytank)

Ole Miss' Terrico White 2009-2010 Highlight Reel | The YouTubes 
It doesn't have any of his badass dunks from the NIT, but it's got some sweet shots. Check out the guy's channel; he's got highlights for plenty of other players as well.

Ole Miss' Thomas confident about draft chances | The Dispatch
Well her confidence didn't lead her astray as Lady Rebel roundballer Bianca Thomas was drafted 12th overall by the Los Angeles Sparks. Make money money make money money money, Bianca.

Ole Miss Draft Preview | SECDigitalNetwork dot com
Damn, we're going to lose some solid players... and Jevan Snead. More draft profiles to come over the next few days.