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Rebel Roundup - 4/8/2010


Talkshoe is being a bastard so no bullshit podcasts until we can get it resolved. We'll figure something out so just be patient or something I guess.

UALR pins 9-6 Loss on Ole Miss | Clarion Ledger
I didn't watch the game so maybe it's a "that's baseball" type of situation. Let's hope so. I'm sure One Man or BWE will have something to say about this today but, if they're too "busy" at their "jobs" feel free to ramble about it in the comments.

Kennedy says playing in NIT beneficial for Ole Miss | Star Herald
I mean, it's better than nothing, right? Kennedy says:

From an exposure standpoint, it has been good for us to continue to play. These last three games have provided us with a lot of exposure and the chance to play in front of a national audience.

But, really, outside of gettin' to be on the tee-bee, there's no benefit for playing in the NIT.

Ole Miss Earns National Honor | WTVA
The University was named the 2010 National Historic Site in Journalism. Kaboom, SEC, beat that.