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Rebel Draft Profiles: Jevan Snead

Image via <a href=""></a>; this actually could have been a touchdown throw
Image via; this actually could have been a touchdown throw

Holy moley, some of our best  players are leaving for the professional ranks! Whether it be money, fame, or an opportunity to live in Oakland, a few of the most memorable Ole Miss Rebel footballers are making their way out of Oxford to play ball on the next level. What would their potential money-stuffed suitors like to know about each and every one of them? We at the Cup know!

Jevan Snead
Weight: 220
40: Slower than it should be
Rebel Career Stats: 26 games played; 375 of 678 for 5,394 yards, 46 touchdowns, and 33 interceptions; 134.8 passer rating; 109 rushes for 161 yards and six touchdowns.

Has ideal professional quarterback size and arm strength; is capable ofdelivering quick, accurate passes; has been seen throwing passes with great touch; isn't mentally retarded or disabled, per inspection with the naked, untrained eye; has a dad with a totally badass moustache and hat.



Where to begin? He routinely misses on the deeper pass, typically with an overthrow; tends to underthrow passes on screens, outs, flats, and generally other simple routes designed for the Graham Harrells of the football world; is absolutely terrified shitless of defensive pressure--even potential defensive pressure--which causes him to throw flat footed, on the run, off of the wrong foot, and in other generally awkward positions; throws plenty of interceptions.

The Skinny
It's hard to get a grasp on what Rebel nation thinks of Jevan Snead. On the one hand, he's the quarterback who led our team to thrilling victories over LSU, Arkansas, and Florida. On the other hand, he's the quarterback whose downright foolish distribution of the ball arguably cost us games against Auburn, Mississippi State, and Vanderbilt. It may be an odd way to phrase it but, without Snead, we wouldn't have gotten to eighteen wins over the past two seasons while, also without Snead, we wouldn't have lost eight games over the same. Confused? You should be. Snead's play is confounding even to the most casual observer of college football. He's big and strong and capable of making all of the throws but, oftentimes, he just doesn't. Whether it be an overreaction to quarterback pressure (per my opinion, his biggest flaw), shaky blind-side protection during his final season, poor receiver play or communication, an underdeveloped running game for much of his tenure, or a combination of all of the above, Jevan Snead's Ole Miss career will likely always have his fans asking a half-dozen "what if" type questions.

Who Should Take Him, and When?
Someone who already has a safe quarterback situation looking to establish depth or shore up for the future. Jevan is not ready to play in the NFL right now and, honestly, isn't close. He has some communication and decision making issues which need to be worked out. Of course, there are several NFL coaches who could likely do this, but it'd still be a project. I don't see him going any higher than the 4th round, and maybe that's even a bit generous. Of course, the Dan Snyders and Al Davises of the world still live so who the fuck knows, right?