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Rebel Roundup - 4/30/10 - Or, Let's Stir the Pot Some More

Updated Regional Projections | RIvals
As of Rivals' current guestimation, there will be an Oxford Regional. We Rebels will host Oklahoma, South Alabama, and Illinois State. It is, unfortunately, paired with the Tempe Regional. Of course, this is only a projection and nothing will be known until Selection Monday (May 31).

Setting the Pace | Brandt
Brandtie is taking an interesting look at the upcoming series against TSFWCDAO by talking about just how much Ole Miss and Mississippi State fans pride themselves on their baseball programs, perhaps disproportionately so against football and basketball when put in a national scope. Good point and, no, I can't say I disagree.

From the article:

For years, Mississippi schools have prided themselves on successful baseball programs. State coach John Cohen likened it to years earlier, when Alabama started its path toward football dominance and Kentucky chose to be good in basketball.

"I think in the state of Mississippi there was a decision made: We want to be good in baseball," Cohen said.

"And I look to sabotage that," he continued. Thank you, John Cohen (this probably means we'll get swept in Starkville now. Sorry.)

Online Exclusive: Taming the tigers | The Daily Mississippian
As Ivory mentioned earlier, some anti-LSU, DM shit-talkin' has gone down as of late. Well...

Rebels' chest thumping is sad, slightly amusing | Daily Reveille
...they replied. Here's my answer to everybody's bullshit here: if we have to have this discussion over, and over, and over again every time one of us beats the other in anything, then, yes, we're rivals. LSU fans tend to define their rivals based on who is currently stopping them from having what they want. So that was us in the 1960s, Auburn 10 years ago; and it is Florida and Alabama now.

Well, sorta. You see, LSU fans still think they have an elite SEC program but, with Les Miles at the helm, they're going to continue losing to Ole Miss, Alabama, and Florida. Frownie face, and, yeah, we went there. You see, we Rebels were consistently annoyed as hell with the media's obsession with Les Miles. We all along knew he wasn't that great of a coach and are damn satisfied to be the folks who exposed his madness this last November. Ok, back to the show. Sorry to go down that road, again (but not really).