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Rebel Roundup - 4/29/10 - And State Fans Wonder Why We Call Them "Obsessed"

Smith, Ole Miss Dump UT Martin | Clarion Ledger
Matt Smith went 4-for-4 as the Rebels pounded the Skyhawks (as opposed to, what, a Groundhawk?) 15-6 at Swayze Field. Eric Callender got the win and the Rebels improved to 30-13.

Four Rebel Netters Earn All-SEC Honors | Ole Miss Sports dot Com
The SEC Western Division champion Ole Miss Lady Rebels Tennis team has four members of this year's all-SEC squad. Huzzah, country club sports!

To Mullen, It's Simply TSUN | ESPN
Awesome, Dan Mullen's obsessive dipshittery has gone national. Anyone who thinks borrowing a 30-year-old phrase Woody Hayes used to describe the University of Michigan (Imagine that; Mississippi State borrowing something from another college football program.) and using it as obsessively as Mullen does to be something "cool" is obviously a moron. Considering how effective this is and how revered he is in Starkville, this is honestly more damning against Mississippi State fans than it is their coaches.

Mullen Says He's Not Sure He Would Have Been Interested in Florida | Veazey
It is really, really easy to take a situation which, in hindsight, never would have happened in the first damn place and lie about how it would have gone down were it to have happened. If you believe this, then you very likely also believe that Dan Mullen deliberately didn't recruit the state of Florida as a favor to Urban Meyer, TSUN invented cancer, and Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Oh, and watch out Veazey. Don't show Mullen your TSUN degree; he'll make goofy faces and speak ill of whatever direction you're perceived to be heading in.