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Rebel Roundup - 4/28/10

Powe a Marquee Name in 2011 | Brandt
Mel Kiper has Jerrell Powe listed as Ole Miss' best pro pospect and the 2nd best defensive tackle prospect for 2011's NFL Draft. And, thankfully for all parties involved, the NFL doesn't require its players be capable of reading!

/Sixpackspeak'd /ducks /hides /knowsPoweisafterhim

Rebels Fight off Murray State | Rebel Grove
Alex Yarbrough comes through once again with a clutch at bat to give the Rebels the W. I think we're going to be pretty happy with him in our lineup over the next few seasons. Still, it's a bit disconcerting to struggle against Murray State (the game had to go into extra innings) but, whatever, midweek games suck anyway.

Notebook: Ole Miss Making Push to Host Regional | Clarion Ledger
It will take some work to get a regional and a super regional is all but out of the question (cue "it could haaappen" kid from Angels in the Outfield), but I don't doubt our Rebs ability to pull through on this. Though, if we stumble this weekend--an all too frightening possibility--consider us visitors this postseason.

Oxford-alypse Now | Dubism
Read this. It's brills and brings the lulz.