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Be honest. You're probably going to buy a copy.
Be honest. You're probably going to buy a copy.

Michael Oher has recently been asked to write a memoir. I know, I know, The Blind Side exists in both print and flashy-moving-people-plus-sound editions, but this one is gonna be different. It will be about how he grew up in the ghetto of Memphis to a crackhead mother and, only by the grace of good fortune, wound up in the National Football League via the generosity of wealthy, white, suburban adoptive parents.

Alright, so it'll be exactly like The Blind Side with likely a little more grit. So what.

In light of this, we present to you other potential memoirs by other Rebels, Rebel bloggeurs, and other sports figures of varying significance and relevance.

  • From Texas to Florida to Texas to Mississippi to (maybe) Florida by Jevan Snead
  • My Struggle by Ryan Nerguson
  • 110% by JD Lawhorn
  • Dressing for Success (Solves Your Cultural Diversity and Alopecia Problems, Too!) by Andy Kennedy
  • Rubbin' Shoulders with the Wrong People by Matt Snyder and Scott Bittle with foreword by Dr. James Andrews
  • Maintaining a High Level of Athletic Success at Ole Miss by Billy Chadwick with a foreword by... by, ummm... by, John Vaught's ghost?
  • Why I am the way I am: A Coach Reflects on Ten Years in Arkansas by Houston Nutt
  • Nonsense: How Basketball Style Should Reflect Your Business and Career Decisions by Eniel Polynice
  • Hell Yes! Free Money! by Sean Steyverson and DeMareo Marr
  • Hell Yes! I Get to be Frank Gore's Backup!: Stardom in Starkville by Anthony Dixon
  • FOOBAUW CROOTIN: An Audiobook by Ed Orgeron
  • Can We Expand the Margins or Something? by Les Miles
  • Public Speaking to Dummies, For Dummies by Dan Mullen
  • She Didn't Say Yes, But I Don't Think She Said No by Ben Roethlisberger
  • Mississippi 1A Private High School Baseball: Why I Know More Than Mike Bianco by Brian Walker's Elbow
  • A Memoir? Oh, Well This is Gonna be Pretty Brief by Whiskey Wednesday