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Rebel Roundup - 4/27/10 - Back to the Grind

Ole Miss Sweeps LSU | Commercial Appeal
Discussed enough? Hardly. Here's some more of "HEY WE SWEPT THE DEFENDING CWS CHAMPS AND #5 TEAM IN AMERICA" talk.

Alex Yarbrough: SEC Freshman of the Week | Ole Miss Sports
And deservedly so. Alex was fantastic defensively, hit the game winning and series-clinching single in the 11th inning of the 2nd part of Saturday's doubleheader, and tied game three in the bottom of the 7th with his first career homerun. Get money, Alex.

Rebels May Have Hit Their Stride | Neal McReady via Rivals
Hell yeah they have! They're stridin' right into another heartbreaking, third game loss in an Oxford Super Regional. Oh, shit, that's not funny. :(

Donald Williams Joins a Crowded Rebel Backcourt | Brandt-edict Arnold
A transfer shooting guard from Antelope Valley College via Kentucky, Donald Williams will be a part of the Rebel men's basketball roster come this fall. His recruiting profile looks decent and it appears he was squeezed out of Lexington by the John Calipari "crootin', shootin', and hair pomade" style of coaching/dastardism. If he can find a niche amongst Terrico (assuming his return), Gaskins, Warren, and Nelson*, he should be a solid addition to the club.

All Undrafted Team | Rivals
Jevan Snead is a part of the "all undrafted" team along with Shay Hodge, Ciron Black, Antonio Coleman, Malcolm Sheppard, Leigh Tiffin, and Brandon "fatty crybaby facepaint wah wah I'm from Texas" Carter. Congrats?

Rejected Snead can Take Solace | Rick Cleveland
True, Johnny Unitas and Kurt Warner took unusual and highly unlikely routes towards their NFL Hall of Fame (in the case of Warner, potential HoF) careers, but I doubt Jevan's gonna end up stocking shelves at your local Piggly Wiggly and thinking "I'm gonna bust in this motherfucker just like Kurt Warner; wait and see." But, whatever (Rick and) Jevan, take solace in the very low potential of a highly likely occurence which happened to two extraordiniary people occuring to you as well!


*"Hey, what about Will Bogan?" Shutup. That's what.