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Rebel Roundup - 5/23/10 - We ain't dead yet.

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It's a big weekend for Dex, Baby J, Shay and, oh yeah... Snead.
It's a big weekend for Dex, Baby J, Shay and, oh yeah... Snead.

We're Still Here
I'm just on vacation and the other assholes, well, they're just being bums or something. Baseball preview is below and maybe some draft stuff today.

LSU, Ole Miss pitching duel on prime-time TV tonight |
The game's on ESPNU? That's pretty neat. Students in right field, we're going to need you to act extra foolish tonight. Series preview coming soon and, what the heck, I'll frontpage that Hecklin' stuff.

Jonathan Randolph Named To Palmer Cup Team |
I cannot ever recall an Ole Miss golfer being given such an opportunity. For those who aren't aware, the Palmer cup is a competition between the best American collegiate golfers and the best of the same from Europe (screw you, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australia).

Arizona State self-imposes penalties on baseball program for NCAA violations | AZ Central
So we actually sorta kinda won that Super Regional but not really? WAOM

Baseball relies on the three Matts | Brandt
Matt Snyder, Smith, and Crouse were the keys to victory against Southern Piss Tuesday night. If we're looking to beat LSU at any time this weekend, that will hopefully need not be the case.

The Blind Side: The Abridged Script | The Editing Room
I doubt any of you are ones to get offended by this but, if you are, keep in mind that this website does this to lots of movies. And, let's not kid ourselves, the Blind Side is definitely a "making suburban white people feel all good inside" type of film and, the only reason we (or, at least I) like it is because the last half hour of the movie is essentially "OLE MISS RAWX" on repeat.

Click the link, read it, and laugh.