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Going, going, gone: Rebels keep afloat with Sunday victory

The signature on my profile proudly boasts, "If I predict it, there's a 50 percent chance it happens."

Maybe I need to drop it a little lower.

I predicted a series victory this weekend over South Carolina behind strong performances from Drew Pomeranz and Aaron Barrett. I also thought a few less than notable players would finally start hitting like they were swinging aluminum bats rather than bags of feathers(see? b/c bags of feathers would SO not be a good hitting tool!!!!1)

Alas, Ole Miss flip-flopped on me and finally won a Sunday game, Aaron Barrett saw his first real hit of adversity for the season and Friday was one of the more bizarre games we've seen this season.

Going, Friday: The Rebels had an unusual interference call end a great rally, we're still not sure what happened. Conventional wisdom blames it on third base coach Matt Mossberg. 

David Phillips struck out with the bases loaded in the first, ending by far the best threat the Rebels had for the game. Blake Cooper(7-0) threw a complete game shutout and went toe to toe with National Mid-Season Player of the Year Drew Pomeranz, so, good for you, asshole.

I was really surprised to see Mike Bianco go with Trent Rothlin out of the bullpen in the eighth. Juco, Ghost and I were listening to this game on the radio on our way to Taylor for some caaaaatfiiiiish(delicious, Ghost brought Makers, I ate a pound of brown rice), and we were turning the game off by the first couple runs crossing the plate with Rothlin in the game.

Unfortunately, the Rebels did not disprove our non-belief in its late inning heroics. Cocks win, 5-0.

Going, Saturday: Aaron Barrett gave up eight runs in three plus innings, leaving Ole Miss with a massive hill to climb very early in the game. 

A grand slam put South Carolina up 7-1, and the Rebels notched four runs in an attempted rally but fell short, 9-5. 

This was the first game where Barrett has really been hit like this, so it is my hope he will be able to bounce back in the remaining five SEC series. 

Gone, Sunday: David Goforth struck out seven of the first eight USC batters, giving Ole Miss a great start to the Sunday game for the first time in SEC play. Goforth ended up giving up four runs over four-plus innings giving way to Matt Tracy.

Bianco will most likely stick with TBA on Sunday as Goforth most likely can't go more than four innings against SEC talent without giving up at least two or three runs. Tracy did offer fantastic relief on Sunday giving Ole Miss the chance to take the lead in the seventh.

David Phillips rose like a phoenix from the ashes with a solo homer in the seventh to put Ole Miss ahead 5-4, which would be the final score. Phillips, we doubted you every pitch at the plate, and we're shocked you are still in the line-up. Please, give us a reason to apologize to you...again.

On Deck: Southern Piss faces the Rebels in Oxford

Oh, you want a preview? Well, USM blows asshole and couldn't pitch its way through a high school game. They have a few bats, so this game could be decided by who scores 10 runs first.

If USM finds a way to win this game, BWE will most likely be found in fasting and prayer for the days leading up to the LSU series this weekend, because divine intervention will be our only hope.