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Rebel Roundup - 4/20/2010




Ole Miss snaps Sunday losing skid | The Vicksburg Post
A lot of odd things happened on Sunday. The Rebels beat an SEC opponent, David Phillips was a crucial element to our team's offense, Goforth actually gave us a chance to win by pitching well early on; it was weird. I don't know who is in charge this time, but some sort of recap should be coming soon from BWE or One Man.

South Carolina Gamecock Baseball: Ole’ Miss Weekend Rap-Up | South Carolina College Sports
So does Yancy Porter work for these guys or something?

Reviewing Ole Miss' spring game | SEC Blog - ESPN
We haven't linked Chris Low for a while it seems. He's got some pretty vanilla comments (hmmmm, vanilla) and thinks Enrique Davis actually has a chance of being good at tailback, but it's still worth the 30-second read.

One-to-one with Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt | Orlando Sentinel
This is one of the better interviews with Nutt I've read. He discusses the impact McCluster had on the team, Snead's decision to leave early, the stress of coaching, and a few other topics.