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Catching up with our Rebels

After seeing Murphy Holloway, Deanundre Cranston and Chris Warren getting their prep on at the tennis match on Saturday, we at RCR were curious to how the team plans on spending its offseason.

Photos after the jump.

DeAundre Cranston:

Cranston, who obviously spent his post-NIT weeks lamenting his decision not to sign with Butler or go to culinary school, took his aggression out on the only viable options.  Bitches and crab legs:



Cranston and his crew seem to have a strong affinity for flipping the bird.  The majority of his pictures with the Daytona crew showcase it.  I suppose it is better than the Atlanta/Memphis kids appreciate for the shocker!!!!



We all know how Cranston loves to cook.  I just hope Joe's Crab Shack met his expectations.


Trevor Gaskins:

Gaskins, who showed that he really didn't need to practice anything after a stellar season, has spent his time relaxing and doing a little fishing.  Good for Trevor.

Can't upload picture so click here

Gaskins said it was a "5 or 6 lbs bass!!!"  I'll be honest.  I'd kill to be fishing right now.