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Rebel Roundup - 4/2/10


This is cool. Try to watch and not shout "DEUUUUCE" at your screen.



Spring Practice Report 04.01 |
Early in the video, coach talks about several players who had to leave practice early to "take a test." Coach, you were definitely aprilfools'd. Regardless, good stuff, especially the praise once again for Damien Jackson and Wayne "Ent" Dorsey. And the invitation to write practice reports for the Cup still stands.

Springtime in Mississippi: New faces emerging at Ole Miss |
The guys we've heard of and even slightly obsessed over during the recruiting processes have finally made their ways up the depth chart for spring ball. Nathan Stanley, Z Mason, Rishaw Johnson, Ja-Mes Logan, and the Gulf Coast CC guys have all been getting regular praises from the coaches. On a terrible, yet unfortunately expected note: Tig is suspended for the rest of Spring ball. It's anybody's guess as to why, but if you're thinking it involves GUNS, WEED, or HOLLA then you're probably right.

Ole Miss & NeuLion Launch First Collegiate HD GameCenter |
The first? As in nobody else has done it? Well I'll be damned. Normally Ole Miss is eating dust when it comes to "innovation", "technology", or "change" but our baseball program seems to be the lone exception. Well done. I can't wait to watch tonight's game against Tennessee in HD.

Dayton Flyers beat North Carolina, 79-68, to win NIT | NYDaily
Well, I guess losing a close one to them wasn't so bad, right? /moralvictory'd, WAOM, etc.