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Rebel Roundup - 4/19/10

Scrimmage Recap to Come Later Today
We promise. We've got our thoughts on the football team thus far and, no, they're not all bad.

Snead's gone but not hope at Ole Miss | The Clarion-Ledger
Rick, you've lived in Mississippi forever; you know that hope is always in ample supply in Lafayette County. And, frankly, none of us are really that beat up over Snead's departure.

Ole Miss scrimmage shows team's depth at running back | The Commercial Appeal
"Depth at running back" during spring football is kind press-speak for "they don't have anyone willing or capable of taking the number one halfback spot by the reins." You know it. Brandon Bolden, Enrique Davis, Devin Thomas and others are all good backs, but none of them are particularly great and, unless one breaks out and asserts himself as the back our running game could be pretty frustrating.

Ole Miss edges Gamecocks | WACH
Leave it to Ole Miss to lose the Friday and Saturday night games for the first time all season right before winning the Sunday game of an SEC series--also the first such event of the season. South Carolina's a good ballclub so this one doesn't sting so bad. Still though, we're far to poor in relief pitching and inconsistent overall to expect this club to get far.

Chadwick Nets 600th Win As Rebels Drop MSU |
Ole Miss Rebel mens tennis defeated State for the 25th consecutive match and Billy Chadwick earned his 600th career coaching victory. Dynasty, bitches. More to come from Ivory or 25 Days a Week.

Rebels Second At SEC Championship -
For a school that's trying it's damndest to fight it's snobby, white, Southern country club stereotype, we're pretty good at country club sports. Congrats to the Rebel golfers for their 2nd place finish at the SEC Tournament, the best finish in the West.