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Rebel Roundup 4/16/10

Kentrell Lockett Wins Chucky Mullins 21st Award |

I know that a lot of people were rooting for Jerrell Powe, but if it had to go to anyone else, I'm glad it was Kentrell. Talk about a football player. The guy gets after the quarterback like it's his job (which I guess it is), and he's a good example of a defensive player who demonstrates swagger without demonstrating qualities shared by players at "The U". Way to go bud. Tell us if you agree with the decision in the poll at the bottom of this post.

Markuson Whipping Rebel OL Into Shape | Clarion Ledger

I particularly enjoyed this part from Enemy of the Cup David Brandt:

His anger was directed at the Ole Miss offensive line, which had botched the first drill of the afternoon in embarrassing fashion. Three of the linemen had gone left. When the other two turned right the result was an awkward collision.

"WAKE UP!" Markuson screamed. "IT'S MONDAY! IT'S A WORK DAY!"

That's the printable part. The rest of what he said was peppered with words like #&^$(#* and @$!(#*%& and $(!*!@*$!

Anyone care to take a gander at the pronunciation of the three words there at the end? I'm having trouble with the last two, but I think the first is a Swahili spelling of "Marmaduke." You know, the lovable pooch in those zany newspaper comics?

Kentrell Lockett Approves of Nathan Stanley | Sun Herald

It's becoming clearer and clearer that there's no QB battle. Nutt recently said he plans to give both Stanley and Cotton snaps with the first team on Saturday, but I would guess the ratio there will be around 80:20 Stanle to Cotton. I for one am quite pleased that Stanley is emerging. To quote Steve Spurrier, "If you've got two quarterbacks, you don't have any."

MSU Tennis Looks to End Streak at UM |

Yeah.... that's unlikely. Considering that we won against MSU during the first collegiate match for three of our starting six, I think it's unlikely that we'll lose this weekend with a season of experience under our belts.